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  Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming
Subject:   Links...
Date:   2004-02-06 14:37:01
From:   Trackback from http://insultconsult.com/archives/000249.html anonymous2
...in no particular order: Fowler on Model Driven Architecture (MDA) What's New in Tomcat 5 Opening Open Formats with XSLT An Introduction to FOAF Binary Waltz, Play On (Binary XML) JSP 2.0 Expression Language J2SE 1.5 in a Nutshell Is Ad-Supported RSS the Next Big Thing? Oh no! :) Portable Geek Gym Very cool stuff! BlueFOAF: discover nearby friends with Bluetooth Pigeons reveal map-reading secret Email filtering with Procmail + SpamAssassin + ClamAV Chaperon Lexical scanner, a parser generator,...