Failing Miserably, If Not Inventively
Subject:   ??
Date:   2004-02-08 08:06:47
From:   fofer
Response to: ??

You're not the only one chuckling, morbus.

The question is asked, how anyone can be "religiously devoted" to an inferior technology, with the hopes of gleaning insight that may apply to the audience. (After all, your article was intended for mass consumption, no?) And yet your justification and defense rests solely on your own personality handicap -- an obsessive compulsiveness to which most of us cannot relate.

There's no reason for the replies your audience to be insulting and curt.

You begin your article by confessing, "When something hits me, I'll drop everything I'm behind deadline on and spend 20 hours automating a task that takes five manual minutes; I know I'll eventually recoup the benefits months down the road." You realize that this payoff (in time saved) won't kick in for about eight months, right? Yet in the meantime, you've neglected your current deadlines and refused to explore any alternative solutions.

The more I see your overly defensive responses, the more I realize this article was not intended for an audience's feedback, but rather as yet another way for you to "catalog" your personal experiences. And that your quest for life automation is less about efficiency, than it is about personal empowerment over insecurity.

Your workflow would be much more efficient if you focused on the one piece of software that was *really* slowing you down... your mind.

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