Failing Miserably, If Not Inventively
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Date:   2004-02-08 08:22:18
From:   morbus
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The question asked has little to do with the article at hand. We've all been on zillions of tech support lists, and a major problem that anyone question-asker will face is the answerer's desire to reinvent the environment from which the question was raised. This whole thread's line of reasoning is that my problem is NOT autoconnecting, but instead, dialup in general. If I wanted to entertain that line of reasoning, 90% of the article needn't have been written: why would I have bothered with the Applescripts, "scselect", pppd /etc/ scripts, etc., etc., etc.

Again, your assumptionary state is showing, and I really do try to not fault you for it, since indeed, you can't "relate". Regardless, I've "explored alternative solutions" to dialup previously, and I've not been satisfied with any of them, either in regard to the evils of usage policies, the repetitive downtime of the service, or the ever increasing price hikes under the guise of value-added service. Irregardless for how you feel concerning broadband or dialup, the fact remains that *I* am satisified with dialup. Challenging the basic assertion of an article ("oh, well, his problem is dialup, not autoconnects") is not a solution, it's merely a 10 message thread that has gotten out of hand.

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