BYOB: Build Your Own Browser
Subject:   suggestions
Date:   2004-02-08 09:46:53
From:   aaanderson
Response to: suggestions

WebKit does provide certain more advanced features and I am working on an article that will focus on quite a few of them. Unfortunately given the architecture of WebKit, unless you plan on writing your own resource handlers functionality such as "dynamically ignoring certain javascript instructions" or "showing page rendering errors" are possible only within limit scope.

As for how basic the content of the article is, I wonder how it is that we can offer an advanced article about WebKit without offering the basic knowledge in the first place.

As for the trackbacks, I have no control over how they are handled and the fact is I do think it is important enough to talk about.

I can't say that I appreciate the grammar criticism. The clause in question (because the quoted section is a clause, not a sentence) is awkward for sure, but "badly formed" is an awfully extreme way to categorize it. Of course, I am sure you can all point us to your vast array of grammatically perfect published works so my editors and I can learn what real writing looks like.