Weblog:   Linux Brings Frustration
Subject:   stupid individual.
Date:   2004-02-08 10:32:50
From:   thursday
1) You are whinging about a WEB BROWSER that came with your linux DISTRIBUTION. Linux ISNT responsible for the WEB BROWSER that you decided to use. There are plenty of web browsers available for Linux. If you could only be bothered to find out what they were.

2) Simply because a website doesn't run properly in Mozilla, does not mean it is a fault of Mozilla. There are plently of websites out there that do NOT comply to the HTML standard.

BONUS.COM DOES NOT comply with HTML standards!

LEGO.COM DOES NOT comply with HTML standards!

If people are unable to design websites which comply with STANDARDS then it is NOT the fault of the web browser. If these people cannot be bothered to design a website which will run in browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, it is their fault.

3) LINUX IS A KERNEL. NOT A WEB BROWSER. your son now hates a kernel? because the web browser displays a few websites differently than IE. WHAT EXACTLY is the link between the KERNEL and the WEB BROWSER? Oh, dear.... your genius amazes me!

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