Failing Miserably, If Not Inventively
Subject:   ??
Date:   2004-02-08 10:57:16
From:   seraglio
Response to: ??

I am truly sorry to hear that you do not have enough time to enjoy the files which took you over 500% longer to download compared to a broadband connection. Also, the suggestion to automate a collection was, obviously, said in jest.

In all seriousness, though, I am quite disappointed with the tone and direction of your article. O'Reilly does such an incredible job of introducing people to new and emerging subjects in an intelligent manner. It is then a surprise to find your prose on troubles with and childish defense of a waning technology. However, it now looks as though my piece on "How I Just Can't Seem to Get My Apple ][ Connected to the ARPANET Anymore" has a much better chance of being published than ever before...