Weblog:   Linux Brings Frustration
Subject:   Furthermore...
Date:   2004-02-08 13:53:07
From:   thursday
Response to: Furthermore...

kenengel: This is true, "unfortunately, an 8-year-old will neither understand nor care". I have seen this myself, people are willing to call something rubbish straight away. Which is understandable if they are used to having everything work fine under Windows.

I didn't want to mention the Microsoft monopoly. But this is definately a major issue, and also the way that we depend upon so many things which are patented/commercial/closed source, which do not have Linux support because the vendors know that Windows is the most popular platform, and do not see the financial gain in supporting Linux. I personally believe this is one of the major factors holding Linux back in the mainstream, in the end most people don't care what they are using, as long as it works the way they want it to. However, open source always seems to find its way around obstacles, the future is definately brighter. I admire WINE and the Crossover Office suite for enabling my friends to carry on using the Windows software they *need* on Linux.

I do believe Internet Explorer works under the crossover plugin, but I think it may also work with the free WINE implementation.