Weblog:   Linux Brings Frustration
Subject:   Furthermore...
Date:   2004-02-08 17:34:39
From:   thursday
Response to: Furthermore...

gennick: Sorry if I sounded very critical before. its been a bad day :( bad excuse.

In actual fact, I shouldn't be scorning criticism, since it is accounts like yours which will improve Linux and Open Source software. Every now and again I try different distros on an old machine which my sisters and brother use, I try to see how easy it is for them to use out-of-the-box without me tinkering with it. Its certainly getting there, but criticism is important (what a U-turn). There is even a section on Mozilla's website where I believe they request that users submit websites which do not work, so that Mozilla can become more compatible even with websites that do not comply with standards.

As for the flash game. I think that perhaps the difference in performance is down to the Flash plugin made available by Macromedia for Linux. Although I could be wrong, I have personally found that flash movies run with better performance on my Windows XP 400Mhz, than on my Linux 1.7Ghz laptop. Even with Linux on that 400Mhz machine, the performance is often choppy. The older version of the plugin even used to crash Mozilla.

WINE allows you to run Internet Explorer. I think that should solve the problem for your son. Of course you would need to install WINE. I make the assumption that you are new to Linux. Installing WINE isnt exacly easy for a beginner and can take a while :(

You can get it here:

This is mostly from memory...I'm not sure whether Sun's Linux comes with WINE? These breif instructions show installing WINE from source (this takes a long time).

You can download the source tar.gz from the download section on

Open the console terminal. Change directory to where you saved the tar.gz file. "using cd", ie "cd /home/jonathan/"

The following command will extract the source code:
tar -xzvf Wine-*.tar.gz

then cd into that directory
cd Wine*

as far as I can remember you execute:

It's best to then leave the computer chugging away for a long time, until it has finished compiling the source code.

You then need to change to "superuser" mode, by typing "su", hit return, then enter the root password (I think this is the Sun Linux serial number - maybe?)

Then execute the following command:
"make install"

When that's done, WINE is now installed on your system. A SUPERB website with help and advice on running Windows software under WINE is available here:

This includes configuring WINE.

A mini-tutorial shows how to install IE6.0

Frankscorner even has a forum, where people have most likely had the same problems you have encountered.

I hope that this might be helpful.