Weblog:   Linux Brings Frustration
Subject:   Answers to plugin issues
Date:   2004-02-08 18:50:57
From:   djames82
Response to: Answers to plugin issues

Hello-my name is Antonio Sanchez from Mexico. I am running Sun's linux. I am running Mozilla 1.6, I tried to install the Macromedia Flash plugin from I tried to double click on the executable, FLASH_PLUGIN_INSTALL.exe, however I was faced with an error saying it can not open such files. I am complete lost for word, why can I not run the Flash plugin installer? I have spent the last 16 hours compiling my 2.4 kernel to 2.6 - yet the problem still exists. Since that did not work due to some issues, I decided to re-install the whole operating system from scratch three times. I am lost for words.

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  1. Answers to plugin issues
    2004-02-08 19:31:40  markp1950 [View]

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