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  Cocoa Vs. Carbon?
Subject:   RE: I thought carbon would be the interim API ..
Date:   2001-05-23 14:01:33
From:   duncan
Response to: RE: I thought carbon would be the interim API ..

I buy the argument that the Finder was written in Carbon in order to eat the Carbon dog food and to shake out the OS X implementation of Carbon. However, I still stand behind my statement that they wouldn't have engineered a critical piece of OS X in Carbon if it were an interim API and doomed to go away. We are probably going to be using this Finder for a while.

I'm actually a bit bummed by the Finder being in Carbon and probably remaining that way for a while. It would make a lot of sense for Cocoa services to be exposed to items in the Finder. Quick encryption and signing of files comes to mind. Of course maybe Apple will provide a way for that to happen.

As to Apple jettisoning one or the other: I don't see it happening. If anything, I think that the reuse under the covers of Carbon and Cocoa will only continue to improve.

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