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Subject:   And the GUI is ?
Date:   2004-02-09 12:17:44
From:   earlwer
I am new to Java/Hibernate/etc and I am missing a big piece of the puzzle.

Where and how do I create the GUI that the user will use to actually enter Orders & Products.

I've read tons of stuff and I'm totally overwhelmed by the lingo. I've never seen any example of how to put all the pieces together.

There has to be a way to automate/facilitate the creation of GUIs that correspond to these common business database components (Orders, Customers, Products, ad nauseum..)

This article is a step in the right direction but without the User-interface, it's useless.

Help please.

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  1. And the GUI is ?
    2004-08-09 06:47:15  jeffcaz [View]

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