Invoking JavaServer Pages from MIDlets
Subject:   Not work on actual phone?
Date:   2004-02-09 16:45:19
From:   peterlaurens

I have everything working fine in the emulator (after removing flush()) but when I put the midlet on my phone it simply doesn't work. Nothing is returned.

I know it is making contact with Tomcat, because the sessions counter increases.

I also try to visit the JSP page in the browser on the phone, and all I get is a blank screen.

What could be up with this? It is acting like it is getting no data (or not displaying any data) from the JSP page.

I have tried adding html and /html tags (via out.println()) to the JSP page but absolutely no joy.

Everywhere else I try it works a treat.

I would be so happy to have this working.

Any help much appreciated.