Apple Releases Java 1.4.1 for Mac OS X
Subject:   Article needs an update
Date:   2004-02-09 19:02:28
From:   mikeunicode
- Apple is now at 1.4.2
- Borland has finally released: JBuilder X Professional for Mac OS X. ( 10.2 and above )
( I've got my copy and it's, so far, the best IDE on OS X, IMHO ).
Do a price check on
A bit pricey, but, it's the smoothest IDE on the Mac.

- Does XCode even run Java any more?
Apple seems to think the old doc for Project Builder still works in XCode, but, It doesn't. What's up with that?!?
If you can still develop Java in XCode, I'd like to see an article on that.

- Can't seem to get JDeveloper, from Oracle, for Mac any more?
We get a preview and then Nothing?!?
( Oh well, see JBuilder note above )