Weblog:   Linux Brings Frustration
Subject:   Appologize
Date:   2004-02-09 22:20:17
From:   sopwithcamel
That's what I believe we should all do. The comments were disheartening for me to read, I just hope Jeff hasn't read any.

The plugin that Jeff needs to play the game is Shockwave Player, not flash. Macromedia has released a flash player for Linux but no Shockwave player. I suppose that's because not many developers visit, but they do need the occasional fix.

The only solution for Linux kids is to have mom or dad shell out $30 for Codeweavers Crossover Plugin. or buy a distro that packages the Crossover Plugin.

I hope Jeff gets to play his game and enjoy his computer time again, whether it's with Linux or Windows. Kids need to be happy, otherwise they grow up to be miserable and post irrationally to a simple problem.


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