Top Five Visual Basic .NET Tips
Subject:   OreillyNet Articles 20040210
Date:   2004-02-10 04:07:36
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 Ok. this is a new thing im going to start doing. OreillyNet is a great site, full of information that i read every day. so, when i find cool articles to read, ill post them here. this is the second one of these i have done, and ill make a category later, but for now, heres a few more.Efficient String Manipulations with StringBuilder by Budi Kurniawan -- In .NET programming, string manipulation with the String class is problematic, but there is an alternative -- the StringBuilder class. Learn how to use it in this article.An Introduction to VB.NET Attributes, Part 1 by Steven Roman, Ph.D., Ron Petrusha, Paul Lomax -- In Part One of a three-part excerpt from O'Reilly's VB...