Weblog:   Open Source vs. Mac vs. Windows
Subject:   I'm out with both open and close
Date:   2004-02-10 09:57:13
From:   starbuckzero
As a Linux user for over three years I'm okay with open source and close / proprietary software. As a Programmer / Web Developer it doesn't hurt me to use the best tool for the job. I run Linux at home but I use an emulator to run Windows software. The main ones I care about are both Kazaa and Macromedia Flash MX. Everything I have works under Linux due to the fact I research my hardware first before going out and buying it. I did the same when I first started using Windows 2K and it would be the same for any new Microsoft OS. There are close source apps that I use under Linux the Emulator Win4Lin is one of them, I also paid for WineX and Linux games in the past.

My computer 400Mhz is getting kind of old and it's time for me to upgrade. I'm still installing Linux on my new PC because well my girlfriend loves Linux and loves the fact we haven't lost any of our data over the years. I have family and friends that come over all the time that use my computer to check there e-mail, burn CDs or chat online with a friend. Even my sister wants a computer with Linux on it. The computer is well over four years of age and I think it will make a great server for my website development.

Linux is a great platform you just have to understand that it's different. My friends, family and girlfriend now understand that. If you start using Linux with the mindset of a Mac or Windows user you will hate it before you even finish the install. I'm not telling anyone to try Linux I could care less. I like the fact that there are people out there using different platforms. With me when it comes to getting work done I use Linux for my back-end stuff and Flash/HTML (Windows) for my front-end stuff.