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Weblog:   Open Source vs. Mac vs. Windows
Subject:   mac vs linux
Date:   2004-02-11 06:30:23
From:   albertfuller
Well I am glad you are enjoying your Mac OSX, and yes we know it is a Unix derivative and so you have opensource programs running happily. Ok! On my Windows 2000, at work, I have cygwin and I run the KDE desktop from inside of windows. But do I think Bill is the greatest thing since slice bread? No. You have opensource inside OSX, but what you have is not the holy grail. Now let me say that I recognize that apple offers a fantastic user interface experience and certainly opensource developers have to take note; but are you really saying that apart from the glitz of apple, which is themable in opensource, that OSX interface is more powerful than KDE deskop?
Before you tout apple, consider Knoppix. I have a Knoppix installation with about 3000 packages. I maintain it with a single command line instruction to upgrade all software; I am attached also attached to a online database of about 16,000 packages (in about 6GB of space); I have about 15 servers running; and I often watch a DVD while burning a 700mb iso-file.
A major linux distribution installation today is trivial, and that is a fact, period. And as you see regarding software, do you have the same Debian-type experience of a three-word-command updates every program, excluding your kernel, if required to the latest version? Please compare apples and apples; not apples and penguins; but if you must then make an effort to be comprehensive and specific. Say something worth saying that has some meat on it, or for those watching there figure, please cut to the core.
I found your article opiniated, but without substance (ie. specifics) Did you see the news that ReiserFS 4.0 soon to be released (in about a month, not 2 years away like Billy) will be two to four times faster than 3.0; or have you looked at what the new Linux 2.6 kernel offers in comparison to the apple kernel. Now tell me about those things and I would desperately want to hear what you have to say.
Take Care

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  1. mac vs linux
    2004-02-29 07:56:20  fline [View]

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