Failing Miserably, If Not Inventively
Subject:   Ode to Dialup...
Date:   2004-02-11 07:07:42
From:   alienbenefactor
I remember dialup.
The sound of rapidly dialed sequences of phone numbers...

The roars, screes, hiss and gargle of the handshake...

The three belltones signaling online connection.

Warming my feet over the power supply
Coffee in hand.
Oh for the good auld days!

Gopher, Archie, all my old friends
Where are you now?
Why were you abandoned?
Was the web's siren song
It's flashing "you've won!" advertisments
Really worth the loss of your
Simple effectiveness?

Now in dark days
Do I flush
Fiftymillion spamsworth
Of offers from Kenya
Of hairy attachments (Full of teeth)
And protruding enlargment offerings...
Gone is simplicity!
Gone! Gone! and Going!

I dream of a time
When Fidonet was king
And the BBS system
Was still the big thing.

The spider of commerce
Had not woven the Web
And mountains of spam
On which we are fed

Did not exist

Oh if only
In that far away time
We had the guts to resist!
That's the end of this rhyme.