Audio/Video Conferencing with iChat AV
Subject:   Help itīs just not working!!
Date:   2004-02-11 13:15:51
From:   mathiasholzner
Hey there! whatīs up?
Iīve got a bit of a problem with the whole thing. I donīt know why but itīs just not running the way itīs supposed to.
In fact Iīm trying for quite some time now and the only thing that is working out is the Text chat. That canīt be it.
Iīm really happy that it works for you guys but please let me become a member of the happy community as well.
Facts: Iīve got a Powerbook G4 1GHz, iChat AV and a iSight Camera my Friend has an iBook G3, iChat AV and a iSight as well. Both of us have a fast and stabil running Broadband Internet Connection.
And we live even closer then Japan NYC!!! (I know it doesnīt matter but anyway)
Whereīs my problem???
Please give me a hand
Thanx to the people!!