The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X
Subject:   WaveLAN/Orinocco card
Date:   2001-05-25 04:38:56
From:   simonforster
Having read the glowing report of OS X on an Airport enabled PowerBook I decided that I'd install OS X on my main work machine - also a PowerBook. Bought the new hard drive. Installed it. Installed OS X.

And it's useless to me.

My PowerBook is a bronze one with a WaveLAN/Orinocco card. All my network connections are wireless. I know now that PCMCIA WaveLAN cards are not supported under OS X's Airport install - so OS X is useless to me.

Every time I've tried to use OS X in a working environment, I get caught out by lack of drivers, incomplete support for something or just a lack of applications.

Soooo, frustrating.

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