LaTeX: It's Not Just for Academia, Part 1
Subject:   I love LaTeX, but...
Date:   2004-02-11 20:54:38
From:   mmmpie
I hate the install process.
The author didnt talk about any of the underlying TeX packages. What is teTeX, how is it different from TeX, which one should I choose? I installed tex and lyx with the i<thingy> system, and it just doesnt work, cant find any of the packages.

Then you start to read about LaTeX, and you run into all these things you have to do to get fonts, and to generate pdf's that dont use bitmaps etc etc.

Where is the one stop install? Is that what the shareware packages give you? I want a double click and install, with no crappy issues that you need to add four lines to the top of all your tex files and change how you call dvips to fix sort of things.

Its just not user friendly ( the install ).