PHP 4.3 and Mac OS X
Subject:   "./configure --with" does not seems to work
Date:   2004-02-12 01:15:12
From:   jeanloui
I have followed all the steps... and those in

Downloaded php 4.3.4 (not from entropy, but the standard)
Downloaded all the Fink stuff (great!)

No errors during ./configure --with-xxx

"make install" without the old php 4.1.2 backup (sorry)

Restart the Apache and...

When I go to info.php, the 4.3.4 is running but it does not recognize all the configure commands (only '--with-apxs')

Its a strange situation, cause I'm running mysql and some php/mysql sites (PostNuke) work all right but some recent scripts stop to work...

What can be happened?

Does the "make install" create the php.ini (and place it at the appropiate dir) the or I must do something (re-place it) manually?

I have placed the "php.ini-recommended" in usr/local/lib and renamed it php.ini

I'm under Mac OS X 10.2.8 and mysql 2.3.2, Apache 1.3.29 (Darwin)


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