The Motorola MPx200 Smartphone 2002
Subject:   Got mine in HK in November, love it
Date:   2004-02-12 08:23:19
From:   abennett
I picked mine up in the Hong Kong airport in Nov 2003. I've had a Palm which I stopped carrying because it was a hassle to lug around and had resigned myself to a basic Nokia cell phone because none of the "all in one" units seemed to really offer enough to justify the size. This phone is the first one that is actually useful as both a phone and as a "spare brain". It turned out to be so useful I actually migrated over to (God help me) Outlook just so I could get more functionality out of it. It's become indispensible to me for addresses, messaging, games as well as the MP3 player functions (makes chores around the house a lot more liveable). I haven't seen any noteworthy battery issues with it, but then again it ends up docked to my laptop just about every day. The USB cable both synchs the phone and recharges it.