Two Servlet Filters Every Web Application Should Have
Subject:   Unexpected chars
Date:   2004-02-13 02:56:11
From:   sjxs
Upon inserting the GZIP filter into my web app I now get problems with 'special' characters (french accented, umlauts, pound signs etc...) getting mangled somehow. I set the response encoding to be utf-8 and I have no problems using the application and displying the xml it produces in Internet Explorer. When I put the GZIPfilter in the chain Internet Explorer throws an error complaining about the first unexpected char it finds. <br/><br/>Anyone else having teh same problem or know what it could be? I am using the latest version of the code. <br/>Cheers,<br/>Sam

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  1. Unexpected chars
    2004-02-13 09:16:44  sjxs [View]

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