Home Automation with Mac OS X, Part 1
Subject:   Automation Great, but what about telemetry
Date:   2004-02-13 19:29:14
From:   cyberassassin
I really like the idea of some home automation, but I would also like to add some data collection and reporting. Now that would be cool. Examples, fuel level in oil tank (or propane), fuel comsupmtion rates, temperature levels in various rooms or areas in the house, measuring electricity usage at various circuits, etc. Anyone know how to collect data and feed it to a Mac? Or data collection devices that could work? I would then look at stuffing it in a database and doing all sorts of fun stuff, web pages with current data, graphs, etc. Could provide a homeowner with some great tools to fine tune and monitor a home....

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  1. Automation Great, but what about telemetry
    2004-02-14 06:43:16  velociped [View]

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