Home Automation with Mac OS X, Part 1
Subject:   Good article
Date:   2004-02-14 07:31:50
From:   r_miller
I have been thinking of doing a lot of this since I read about X10 several years ago. My interests are automation mainly, I would like to automate coffee makers, heaters, lights, etc., so that when I or my wife gets up in the morning it will make life a little easier. Also, if you know of some simple Apple Scripts that could go with this please share. I guess the automation is great in the baby room for now, but I have two young kids and once they get past say 20 months you don't need a lot of that, so it would be wasted time for me. My main focus would be things the adults and kids could use. I love the remote idea. So many nights my wife will fall asleep on the cough only to wake up and stumble up the stairs. Your article comes up with some good suggestions to light the way better. Also, ideas for monitoring say the garage door on the web or sump pump would be great.

And for the crass reader that lives someone other than the US, I guess it sucks to be you. Please don't cater to this obnoxious person. This is a US site and 90% of the readers I am sure are in America and I am sure you knew that already. A simple search could yield results for non-Americans.

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  1. Good article, idiots and is that a three seater cough?
    2004-02-15 07:19:47  shaku007 [View]

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