Failing Miserably, If Not Inventively
Subject:   ??
Date:   2004-02-14 08:20:58
From:   mozart11
Response to: ??

In on of your replies here you state " Regardless, speed ignorance or lack of experience isn't an issue: I'm on a T1 nine hours out of every weekday, and I still prefer dialup".

Then in this reply you state " Regardless, I've "explored alternative solutions" to dialup previously, and I've not been satisfied with any of them, either in regard to the evils of usage policies, the repetitive downtime of the service, or the ever increasing price hikes under the guise of value-added service. Irregardless for how you feel concerning broadband or dialup, the fact remains that *I* am satisified with dialup".

My question - why do you use T1 nine hours a day? Why don't you switch where you use the T1 to dial-up if broadband is so unsatisfying to you? And by the way this whole thread I imagine gives you great joy. Because it sure is a waste of my time.

I think I'll skip including MacDevCenter as part of my daily reading. It used to be informative, so I bought the two O'Reilly books "Mac OS X Unwired" and "Mac OS X Panther". I'll stick to the other Mac sites for solutions. Leave the horse & buggy crowd here.