Cooking with JavaScript & DHTML
Subject:   ammendments
Date:   2004-02-14 16:19:59
From:   kelvinc
I have been working through the Cookbook and wondered if there were any ammendments. I have a first edition and think I ordered it on the day/week it was released. I have found a few mistakes but being new to script writing (and computing) have taken solving them as part of the learning curve.
For example: Animating in a straight line should have the var anime declared as a new Object or 'anime.elimID = elemID' added to function animatePolygone on page 390 which also needs 'anime.' added to 'elimID' after initSLAnime(... in the same function. I have found others but think that if I knew more, no prob. I am a little stuck on the Creating a Draggable Element (13.11) though, hench my question are there any ammendments to this first edition. I have got the Definitive Reference but this particular code is different so it does not help. It just annoys me when I can't resolve what are nearly always my mistakes. Keep up the good work, what we need is a spam bomb - thanks kelvin

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  1. ammendments
    2004-02-19 16:54:58  Danny Goodman | O'Reilly Author [View]

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