Mobile Email with UUCP
Subject:   UUCP in 2003... err... 2004
Date:   2004-02-14 17:23:02
From:   coolestuk
Response to: UUCP in 2003... err... 2004

Hey Sean... thanks for an interesting article. I'm glad to see you are enjoying the benefits of using a well-worn protocol in new ways. I think the people who can't see the wood for the trees are the ones who are psychotic.I'm going to look for new ways in which I can use UUCP also.

I wish there were more articles about exploiting the power of unix. My suspicion is that there is more that's been forgotten about the power of unix than is currently known.

The power of unix is just awesome. I've just been blown away today by running a process in an open source database - exactly the same database, running exactly the same stored procedure is 10x faster on Linux than on W2K (and the Linux box has about 60% of the RAM and a slower processor...) I expected it to be equal or maybe slower than on the W2K box (and my db of choice is not even PostgreSQL, so it isn't like it is some cobbled-together Win32 version).