AppleScript Primer for Mac OS X
Subject:   PHP and applescript
Date:   2004-02-16 08:59:23
From:   jaharmi
Response to: PHP and applescript

You can call a script from the command line with the osascript command. Check out its man page. You can either call a fairly uncomplicated line of AppleScript with its -e flag or you can call a full external script file (similar, in my mind, to what I've done with the little bit of awk I know).

In Panther, you can also do some image transformations at the command line or via AppleScript. Check out the sips utility (no man page, alas, do sips -h to get help) and the Image Events scriptable background application. They can't do everything ImageMagick or the like can do, but for some basic stuff (thumbnailing and so on), they may suit your needs (because they are accelerated for the G4/G5/GPU in Panther) or be part of a larger workflow (they can attach ICC color profiles).