Home Automation with Mac OS X, Part 1
Subject:   Can it be made to work WITHOUT a computer ?
Date:   2004-02-16 20:24:51
From:   mnewman
Response to: Can it be made to work WITHOUT a computer ?

You don't need to dedicate a computer to running home automation with Indigo. What I did was set up a separate user that logs in automatically and uses KeepItUP to start and keep running Indigo and Oculus (web cam software). That user stays logged in 24/7. Then just use fast user switching to log into your own account.

(I used to have a dedicated OS/9 box running Xtension. I liked Xtension but there seems to be no OS/X version in sight.)

Indigo is quite flexible and can be programmed to overcome some of the known problems with X-10 hardware.

And, this is not expensive. For a couple hundred US$ you can get started with a simple system and expand as your needs and creativity dictate.

I look forward to subsequent articles in this series.