Why Run Free Software on a PDA?
Subject:   Zaurus PIM software is not very good
Date:   2004-02-17 03:58:40
From:   gpig
My last two PDAs were:

- A Psion 3a [1]

- A Zaurus

The Psion's PIM (personal information) software beats the Zaurus' hands down. For example, the Psion attempts to represent individual events in the calendar on week, month and even year views; the Z just has coloured blobs.

Of course that doesn't invalidate the point of this fine article. I just wanted to point out that the Linux PDA market leader is deficient in the one area that PDAs should be good at. I sincerely hope that others will take advantage of the standardisation that you mention, to produce other PDAs and include better PIM apps.

[1] The Psion 3a was a clamshell PDA with a black and white LCD screen, a keyboard (no pointer), and a whopping 1M of RAM.