Location, Location, Location: Tips for Storing Web Site Files
Subject:   Name-based virtualhosting made easy
Date:   2004-02-17 21:27:14
From:   rmcgonegal
Response to: Name-based virtualhosting made easy

Actually I found using BBEdit to be much easier. I've used it thousands of times whereas I've only used Netinfo Manager twice.

In BBEdit you use the "open hidden files" command. That makes all of the files visible in the open dialogue box. Set it to columns view and it is easy to navigate to /etc/httpd. And when you go to save changes on a file such as httpd.conf, BBEdit is smart enough to temporaily elevate your rights to sudo level by asking for the password.

In my documents folder, I made a backup copy of httpd.conf and hosts. Then I created aliases to the originals.

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