Aspect-Oriented Programming and JBoss
Subject:   Pros and cons
Date:   2004-02-19 08:32:47
From:   fabcar
I read the article with a lot of interest.
I'm quite new at AOP and I find it a very interesting paradigm to solve some categories of problems without affecting your business logic. However I would also point out some of the disadvantages that I can see. First of all, less control on the behaviour of your classes. Second concern I have is security. AOP actually changes the behaviour of a class. In theory malicious developers could change the behaviour of any class as they like.
Also I may think of unit test. Your unit tests will be written against the class. Even if they pass, using the same class which has successfully been tested in an AOP framework, you could have results that are different from what you've tested. Is there anything to prevent those problems ?

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  1. Pros and cons
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