Weblog:   Open Source vs. Mac vs. Windows
Subject:   Thanks ! :-)
Date:   2004-02-21 09:06:02
From:   F.J.
Response to: Another pro-Mac article without any substance

Hi !

First of all, thanks for taking the time to send me your feedback, I really do appreciate it !

The goal of this blog is not to ask wether it is "morally ok" to use Apple software. As I wrote above, what I am trying to explain is that, most of the time, Open Source truly shines when it can be elegantly combined with some proprietary solutions.

I am afraid that our points of view differ on what makes Open Source software better or not. If I understand your message well you think Open Source is better because it is open. What I am trying to explain is that Open Source is not better because it is open but that there are lots of great Open Source applications that are inherently better than their commercial counterparts -- and that would remain true even if the commercial software were open sourced.

I myself support the Open Source movement and, as I write, use many Open Source applications on a daily basis. I appreciate the openness of Mac OS X and of its underlying foundation, Darwin. Apple works very closely with the Open Source world and both sides benefit greatly of this ongoing cooperation.

Since I cannot go into detail here, may I suggest that you have a look at the ADC pages for yourself ? You should find answers to the questions you raise.

I am sorry you feel that the beginning of this blog is a "lie". Migration of Windows users to various other platforms is now widely acknowledged as a fact.

Again thank you very much for submitting your feedback. I am always glad to discuss the current issues that affect our computing world :-)


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  1. Thanks ! :-)
    2004-02-22 05:51:44  musnat [View]

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