The New Breed of Version Control Systems
Subject:   Subversion 1.0 released
Date:   2004-02-23 07:51:00
From:   otto
Subversion 1.0 was released today, so that's one reason less to stay with CVS.

The 2 candidates I'm considering for future projects are GNU Arch and Subversion. Arch's command set seems a lot more complicated, and documentation is lacking, but the feature set is quite impressing. Subversion looks very familiar if you know CVS, but the one thing I dislike is using Berkeley DB as backend instead of the file system. Not that I think it's unstable, but being a pragmatic programmer, I prefer plain text files over any other storage format.

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  1. Subversion 1.0 released
    2005-06-12 21:08:12  qu1j0t3 [View]

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