Secure Your Sockets with JSSE
Subject:   Web server client
Date:   2004-02-23 19:55:41
From:   rbracken
How to explain this ... in general, if a credit card payment is made to a bank through the bank's payment gateway the transaction is handled directly from the client's browser to the bank's payment gateway, bypassing the client's web server. However, the problem I have is that the client I have will be on a private subnet and cannot handshake with the bank's payment gateway. Therefore, the appropriate solution is for the client to send the information to it's web server and the web server to do the handshaking with the payment gateway. I guess the solution involves the web server opening an ssl socket to the bank's payment gateway and then sending the required message. The problem I have is that my java coding(or whatever other language) is not up to the task. Is there any examples on how to implement this solution within Apache/Java/whatever.