X11 and OpenOffice on Mac OS X
Subject:   OO with users on a LDAP-Server
Date:   2004-02-24 03:26:18
From:   matthias.m.m

I'm trying to use OO 1.0.3 on a 450 MHZ G4 with MacOS X.3.2. When I use the local admin account to login to my mac, there is no problem, and I can use OO.
But when I use an account from my LDAP-server, with home-directory at the server, I get the following error:

befor x11 server is starting a message appears: "couldn't find"

I tried an other OO-Launcher, I tried to start from the terminal, always the same error. Also formating and reinsallation as a LDAP-server user doesn't change anything. And as local admin there is always no problem.

hope anybody could help.

thanks a lot.