Home Automation with Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   MisterHouse
Date:   2004-02-25 09:49:32
From:   queueball
I have been looking into up some home automation for a little while now. I have been looking at some software called MisterHouse written in Perl.
I am wondering if anyone has gotten the software to to work on OSX and if anyone knows of a good place on the web with some notes/help on how to set it up with OSX?

Thanks for the help

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  1. MisterHouse Works :)
    2004-03-01 05:59:25  queueball [View]

  2. MisterHouse
    2004-02-28 07:05:40  coderanger [View]

    • MisterHouse
      2004-03-22 12:17:25  mmellor1 [View]

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