Using JMeter
Subject:   Clarifications on JMETER
Date:   2004-02-25 12:32:20
From:   weblogicarun

This is Arun from Cognizant technologies.I was looking for a Load test tool which will support my kind of application

The application which we are testing is a Swing based application hitting the Weblogic 7.0 servers.
The protocol used here is RMI over T3 protocol.
We tried using Segue Silk performer but it dint support this protocol.I would really appreciate if you could help us out in the following
1.Does JMeter support T3 protocol and the kind application I have mentioned?
2.Can we get a Evaluation copy and which link to we get it?
3.What is the trial period and the no of virtual users which it can support?

This would be great if you could provide me this info asap.


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