A Security Primer for Mac OS X
Subject:   Virus scanners are a problem!
Date:   2004-02-26 03:21:45
From:   Chris_
In my experience virus scanners are a big problem on OS X. I don't care for .Mac and won't buy it just to get Virex but I haven't found a way to buy it separately yet. McAfee seems to be quite shy to talk about the existence of Virex -- or perhaps they just sell it via .Mac exclusively ... :-P

And Norton AntiVirus (9.0) isn't really an alternative because AFAIK it *still* doesn't run on 10.3 -- and I know from my own experience that they had similar problems to get version 8 to run on 10.2 when that was new. And customer support was incompetent and unfriendly and, well, generally powerless to solve the problem.

Neither McAfee/NAI nor Symantec seem to care very much for Mac customers and, at least in Symantec's case, the non-working product they are selling is even more expensive than it Windumb counterpart ...!

So, no virus scanner for now.