The New Breed of Version Control Systems
Subject:   terrible article
Date:   2004-02-26 12:25:50
From:   chromatic
Response to: terrible article

It's difficult to make one solid recommendation that suits everyone, but I do understand your frustration with the conclusion. There's a lot more heat than light, and the best anyone can do right now is give an opinion. Here's mine.

If you're already comfortable using CVS, it's worth trying Subversion on any new projects, now that they've released version 1.0. The learning curve is very gentle for existing CVS users and the new features and missing bugs make it nice.

If you're interested in more distributed development, where developers can maintain their own trees, Arch seems to be the best choice at the moment. It's under rapid development and has several high-profile projects. You will have to adapt to its style of use, though you'll see a lot of benefits from working with it, not against it.

If you'd rather have a system that manages your development process, perhaps Aegis will fit. I've not used it, but I'm impressed that it enforces practices such as test-driven development. Again, there's a lot to learn here.

If you're working with a hosting system, you're likely stuck with what they give you. If that's CVS, hopefully you know the limitations and can deal with them.