Home Automation with Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   MisterHouse
Date:   2004-02-28 07:05:40
From:   coderanger
Response to: MisterHouse

No, I have not tried that yet. But I have been able to compile Bottlerocket for the Firecracker and use it with both Keyspan and IOGear USB-Serial Adapters. It compiles "out of the box" but is commandline only. However it shoudl be easy to wrap a GUI around it if you like. I like simple tools and it works for me. There are many solutions out there for Unix and Linux and I intend to try them all and see what works, what can be made to work, and what doesn't. Then I might even write my own Java or ObjC application.

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  1. MisterHouse
    2004-03-22 12:17:25  mmellor1 [View]

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