Weblog:   Open Source vs. Mac vs. Windows
Subject:   mac vs linux
Date:   2004-02-29 07:56:20
From:   fline
Response to: mac vs linux

How many people here who so strongly defend Linux's superiority have actually used OS X? There seems to be a great number of the Linux community with such blind (almost rabid) devotion that they can't see past their command line.

Several posts describe F.J.'s article as having no substance. However, I find that it is Linux fanatics' arguments that have no substance.

Staunch adherence to open source philosophy is fine. But the majority of computer users just want to get their work done. Many in the hardcore Linux community don't seem to understand that to most people, a computer is a business tool, not a religion.

At the risk of sounding like an Apple ad, OS X allows me to get on with my work quicker and more efficiently than Linux. My work can be editing a video documentary; retouching images; writing a report; compiling C code; writing a Java servlet; or running a web-based application using PHP and MySQL. I am even using my Mac to write an MS Access database application using VBA for a client.

I'm doing all of this on OS X. I wouldn't even dream of trying to do it on Linux.

Linux does have its place in this world. For me, it's place is on a seven year-old Pentium hidden away in a cupboard. I built this Linux box to be my firewall that separates my internal network from my (semi-public) wireless LAN.

But Linux will almost certainly never conquer the desktop. The fanatics have spent too much time in the trenches. There were not enough generals looking at the bigger picture.

At one time I thought Linux had a chance. Then Apple released OS X.