Home Automation with Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   MisterHouse Works :)
Date:   2004-03-01 05:59:25
From:   queueball
Response to: MisterHouse

Hello Everyone

Well I spent some of Saterday evening and Sunday morning setting up MisterHouse on my OS X machines. I got it working. However; I only have 1 light hooked up but it is a start. I guess next I need to start customizing it for my house. Right now it thinks the light module I have is in the Garage ;)
The good news, I noticed that the modules work all over the house as long as the computer module is not buried between all the power/network wires in the computer room. I guess there is too much there to block the signal.
I now look forward to expanding the system to something more useful :)

P.S. This has been a helpful article and got me off my butt to work on it :) Thanks

Later Days