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Subject:   Errata about the HTML
Date:   2001-05-30 11:32:23
From:   duncan
Apple's engineers have stated on the cocoa-dev mailing list that the syntax that I gave in the article for the META tag might be problematic in some future version of the help system. Even though it works fine under OS X 10.0.3 where I tested the code, it could break at some point in the future.

The tag I gave is <meta name="AppleTitle" content="MyCoolApp Help"/>. This is written using XHTML syntax which always makes sure that empty tags are really closed with an ending slash. Because Apple has committed to supporting HTML 3.2, and HTML 3.2 doesn't have this syntax feature of XHTML, there could be a potential future problem if the parser becomes more strict.

Because of this potential future hazard, I've put in a request to have the HTML snippet fixed in the article. However, because XML is an important feature in OS X (configuration files, etc) and XHTML is the dialect of HTML that authors should be using, I have also put in a feature request to Apple to migrate the Help system to XHTML, or to at least ensure that XHTML is a supported content type in addition to HTML 3.2.

What do you think? Should Apple have XHTML support in Apple Help?