Listening to Bluetooth (or at least trying to)
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Date:   2004-03-02 18:49:19
From:   cksample3
'. Oddly enough, those with audio-only showed as video-capable, but whether audio or video-capable, only video and text appeared as options (never audio). And with my iSight detached, no one showed as having audio capabilities, even though both their computers and mine were capable.'

The reason audio only people show up as video in iChatAV beta (and the new AIM) is because you can actually send video one way now (they see and hear you, while you only hear them). If you turn off the iSight it works just like a regular audio chat, even though the connection button shows the video icon.

Also, thanks for mentioning my scripts in your book.

Also, have you ever tried ohphoneX? I used to use it before iChat AV and it worked well. I'm thinking about trying it out with my Jabra...

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