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Subject:   Caller ID, iTunes Integration and Bluetooth = Salling Clicker
Date:   2004-03-03 15:46:33
From:   fasonmobile

I just read your article. Great and descriptive account of how to set this up. I went through all the very same steps myself about 1 month ago... When I got my SonyEricsson HBH 60 Headset. This one is the SMALLest one I have seen that looks good!

Here is a link to the Sony Ericsson website to check it out...
SonyEricsson HBH-60 BT Headset

Also, an added footnote to your ending comments on Caller ID, integration with BT mobile phones and iTunes... Its all working right now... Yes, its true... you can in fact use Caller ID, and control iTunes from a Bluetooth phone... See my notes below...

If you launch your Address Book, and activate its Bluetooth integration (just click on the Bluetooth logo), then if you have a Bluetooth phone paired with OSX, and you get a phone call, it will display the person calling in a large dialog window (Caller ID)... with some additional call management options...

Additionally, if you install Salling Clicker from Salling Software, a VERY handy Bluetooth ap ... this software allows you to remote control your mac (ie. iTunes, Keynote, iPhoto, etc.) as in, from your mobile phones accessory menu you can remote control iTunes volume level, track shuttle, select playlists, edit your library, etc.... and THE MOST compelling add on feature is Salling Clickers ability to integrate with OSX Address Book and further allow you to automatically fade down/up/pause iTunes when a call comes in, as well as displaying the Caller ID on screen... As soon as your finished with a mobile phone call, iTunes resumes playback at the set level...

Here is the link to the Salling Clicker app...
Salling Clicker for Bluetooth Phones and PDAs

PS> I am using Salling Clicker and my Bluetooth enabled OSX Address Book right now and its pretty much the coolest thing on Panther I have seen to date...

Jason Fields.

Los Angeles, CA

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