Listening to Bluetooth (or at least trying to)
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Date:   2004-03-03 16:56:14
From:   dori
Response to: Caller ID, iTunes Integration and Bluetooth = Salling Clicker

Also, an added footnote to your ending comments on Caller ID, integration with BT mobile phones and iTunes... Its all working right now... Yes, its true..

No, it's not. Or at least not the way I described it in the article. At this point you can't use a headset for both the phone and the Mac simultaneously, and I think that that's an important part of making this all work seamlessly.

Re Salling Clicker (which I also love): you can find my previous article about it here, and I also wrote about it in our book, Mac OS X Unwired.

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    2004-03-04 22:57:51  fasonmobile [View]

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