Using WebObjects "Direct to Web" Technology
Subject:   Note for MySQL users
Date:   2004-03-04 15:29:12
From:   binouch
If you u plan on trying out this "tutorial" using MySQL, you should call the "user" table something else. "user" in MySQL is a reserved word and is a "function" so the SQL syntax that will be generated by Xcode or EOModeler won't work.
I had to try it out to find out.

Other than that this article ROCKS! it's very clear and is way better some other WO litterature out there. thanks Josh... :) We want more. How about a book about how to learn Java using WO.

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  1. Josh Paul photo Note for MySQL users
    2004-03-04 15:51:47  Josh Paul | O'Reilly Author [View]

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